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The introduction of NBS
What is the NBS
value of practice
Community form
Dev Concept
Why choose NBS
Graphene architecture
Graphene architecture is one of the major technologies in the current blockchain field, this technology making blockchain applications have higher transaction throughput, powerful and stable architecture, It’s the pioneer of blockchain technology.
mining ecology
Investors can participate in inner market mining as long as they have NBS, CNY. The mining pool implements the same regular halving model as BTC, which is permanent and sustainable. There are three mining methods: gold standard, coin standard, and referral, which are ecologically scientific, rich, closed, and sustainable.
Stable, safe and fast
The development team and community members build distributed network nodes around the world to ensure the stability, security and speed of the public network. The community continues to recruit development and management operations talent, and these talents are the strong backing of the platform.
Advanced account
The NBS blockchain system has a complete account model, from single account to multi-signature account, from capital control to account control, and it’s suitable for enterprise authorization business.
Customize assets
Any individual or institution can issue custom assets in the NBS system. The issuer can adjust and set up to more than 20 functional parameters, simple to operate, satisfy the needs of different asset types, and carry out settlement and management of various markets on the chain. Boost the on-chain economy and the real economy.
data disclosure
The transaction data on the blockchain is displayed to users through the mobile phone wallet port and the COMPUTER UI port, which is easy to understand, intuitive and smooth. All data is transparent and traceable , and the data on the chain cannot be tampered with or rolled back, which eliminates various hidden dangers of centralization in the CEX market.
NBS Development Roadmap
  • September 13, 2020 12:00

    Complete and launch the mainnet

  • September 14-24, 2020

    Complete the airdrop

  • September 10-30, 2020

    Completed the listing of more than 20 exchanges including Binance , Huobi, MEXC,ZB, AEX, GATE, etc.

  • October 4, 2020

    Launch Inner market trading and " Two DeFi Mining Strategies"

  • November 29, 2020

    Established an inner market stabilization fund

  • December 7, 2020

    Commenced public repurchase by the council

  • January 1, 2021

    Launch " Three DeFi Mining Strategies"

  • February 7, 2021

    Gateway asset DEX.USDT launch on inner market

  • March 17, 2021

    The council completed the repurchase, with a total of more than 32 million NBS

  • April 30, 2021

    Mobile wallet launches grid transaction function

  • June 25-26, 2021

    Offline developer conference was held to determine the evolution route of NBScore2.0

  • September 3, 2021

    First function of NBScore 2.0's "fixed lock position " was launched, and the fixed lock position mining was carried out simultaneously

NBS Solution
Decentralized autonomous community
Asset issuance platform
Decentralized finance
Decentralized exchange
Cross-chain interactive platform
Registration and Download
The NBS Wallet contains a decentralized exchange, and the wallet address is a registered user name. Because it is a decentralized blockchain platform, the registered NBS account number and password must be properly backed up for import and recovery anytime and anywhere.
Download the Wallet